Join in an experience that is positive and enjoyable leaving you wanting
to celebrate yourself, your life and the world in which we live.

Find out who you are;
                why you are here;
                why you feel "in a hurry" much of the time;
                how to get relaxed and "in touch" in a matter of seconds;

Leave this 2-4 hour session in a "new place," looking forward to whatever life next affords you.

The experience is tailored to each person's needs and may include:
                foot massage and reflexology or
                spiritual massage to release years of tension;
                spiritual energy revitalization;
                complete instruction on how to find clarity and relaxation in a matter
               of seconds;
                increased understanding and knowledge of your spiritual foundation;
              the beautiful process of access and personal discussion with God.

Join in the experience that travelers from all over the world have celebrated.
Leave with "tools for a lifetime."  Tools which can not fail you, and which you
will remember, whenever you need them.
    Cost for Spiritwalk for 1 person:

Minimum Time    Price          
1 hour $90.00
1.5 hours $135.00
2.0 hours $180.00

 Each additional 0.5 costs $45.  Best results are obtained in a 2-4 hour session.

Do you have a group...family...friends who are ready to know each other at a much deep, spiritual level?
We have had tremendous success with our Group Spirit Walk.  (Click for additional information).

Voices of Experience--read what others have said about the Spirit Walk (click on link)

For information or to schedule an appointment contact:

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Denis Hutchison, B.A., M.A., NCMT
51 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite B
Sedan, AZ.  86351

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