Afterglow of Sedona

What is a vortex?

Why are there a number of them on this planet?  

What functions do they perform and for whom?  

How do they feel?  

Sedona has at least four vortexes.  I will give you the opportunity to see how each one feels.  This is a two day process.  If it is to be done by you first hand. You must be able to hike four hours on fairly flat terrain for one...into a beautiful box canyon. Another is a two and a half hour challenge requiring a rather vigorous uphill hike including two difficult spots giving a wondrous view of surrounding valleys from a saddle between two spires.  The third requires a short, easy five minute climb to a perch over another awesome valley.  The fourth requires a rather simple set of upward inclines. Each of these vortexes has it's own, individual energy.
All are worth the effort, giving opportunities for introspection and spiritual growth.  If you are coming to Sedona for spiritual reasons, visiting the vortexes are a must!

Bell Rock Vortex

My fee is $50 an hour for a minimum of three hours.  This fee covers one person. The charge for each additional person in the group is $10 per hour up to a maximum of 5 people for the experience.  At this time, I do not take larger groups.  There is also an up front charge of  $15 per person for printed materials (this includes a book on vortexes and other information that I have written).  There is a $75 reservation fee to hold the day open.  This fee is non-refundable unless cancellation, in writing, is received eight days before the tour day.  

I look forward to talking with you and recommend a phone call soon to better understand this marvelous experience. Please call 928-284-1703.  If I do not answer personally, please leave your name, phone number and mention your interest in vortex tours.  I will return your call within 24 hours.

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